Monday, November 2, 2009

Red Two
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We're discussing shelter, transportation, and water.

An urban area is a place with high population density. Rather obviously, a skyline made up of tall, closely-spaced buildings usually marks the nucleus of urbanity. Housing is densely arranged, and as infrastructure is built, there is little land left for construction. Essentially, urban areas are characterized by their unique shelters, and the people that occupy them. This gathering of people in a centralized area is driven by basic life-instincts. Why do we move or migrate? We move to seek a better life, whether through more rewarding careers, better education, improved services or a more stable and safer environment.

Water is an important symbol for urbanization and life. After all, early settlers built their homes near water for survival. The transition from agriculture to urban dwelling is closely tied to essential resources, and the ways we access them. Developments in transportation enabled this change from small communities, to large cities, to metropolitan areas. Without any of these factors, development comes to a halt, and people cannot come together to live as one. We depend on each other to survive and in this exercise - Urban Survival Kit: The File - we will examine how shelter, water and transportation are needed to survive in subsistence urbanity.

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